What are you seeing in the market this year?

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Hey all,

Last year was definitely a low point in tech with layoffs and a decrease in investment. 

I'm curious - what are you seeing in the market so far this year?

Here's what I've seen so far:
  • Market starting to pick up again - I see more startups raising money, mostly in the AI space.
  • More interest in fractional work - I see more startups caring about "ROI" on their spend - preferring to work with experienced folks part-time instead of getting everybody to come to an office. So, my friends doing fractional work tend to be fully-booked.
  • Expectations on developer productivity have shifted: With AI-powered coding tools, I'm seeing that developer work is becoming more commoditized. Clients generally expect engineers to work faster now - it's like AI tools created a step-shift in productivity, and not adopting those tools means you're left behind. 
  • "Core" vs. "Non-core" teams in companies - I'm seeing that more startups tend to have a core group of decision makers who are colocated in the same city/office, and that they then hire developers+designers remotely to do implementation work. It's kind of creating this two-tier system, where the core group makes decisions and is close, and then the remote workers are doing fabrication but aren't as tied into the day-to-day decision making. 

Curious what you're seeing, and whether fractional life is good or not!