Welcome to FRCTNL

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FRCTNL is a community of fractional developers, designers, and marketers.

We operate on a referral model, where members help swap and share opportunities with each other. We are not a marketplace, and never intermediate.


What is fractional work?

Ongoing half-time or quarter-time contracts, typically with a retained weekly or monthly rate. It's a midpoint between hourly freelance and full-time employment.

Who chooses fractional work?

Experienced professionals who prioritize autonomy and flexibility, and believe 4 hours a day of focused work can yield more results than 8 hours of fragmented attention.

How do I join, and what's it cost?

It's free - join here. No agencies, external recruiters, or subcontracting, please. We don't sell your data.

Can you help me find a fractional team member?


We operate on a referral model, where members help swap and share opportunities with each other. We are not a marketplace, and never intermediate. 

  • Know an open role? Please post it and offer to refer members. (We recommend a quick email or chat 1:1 before referring). 
  • Have availability? Share what you're looking for. Err on being very specific, because a specific description helps people pitch your expertise. ("I am a generalist" is less compelling than "I recently set up terraform deployments for serverless Python on AWS using Github Actions, and can help with backend + dev-ops tasks.")

How it works

  • Forum: Post here if you know of a gig, have availability, or if you have something FRCTNL-related to discuss (like accounting tips) or share (such as a good article).
  • Profile: Please fill out your profile with your short pitch, a link to your site/LinkedIn, and current availability.
  • Directory: You can browse member profiles, which can be a useful way to meet peers - but also to learn how to market yourself. 
  • Newsletter: FRCTNL sends a daily newsletter with new posts, active discussions, and new members. It's on a software called Booklet that I'm building - so if you have feedback about the software, let me know!


FRCTNL is free. If you want to support it, consider signing up for one of these services through my referral links:
  • Collective - first month free - Back-office automation for one-person LLCs. I personally use Collective to run my bookkeeping and accounting for fractional work, and it's been wonderful.
  • Stable - 20% off the first year - I use Stable as a virtual address for my company (e.g., contraption.co/contact). It keeps my home address private, and it also just sends me PDFs of any mail - so I can store, search, or forward mail easier. Particularly useful for nomads who don't have a stable home mailbox.