We're going to do 1hr "get started in Bubble" crash course — let us know if you want an invite.

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Hey peeps — at the NYC dinner last night, Bubble came up (the OG full stack no-code platform).
Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton
and I are big believers. We even built our personal website builder, realnice, 98% on it.

Some of the folks at the dinner asked if we could do a 1hr "get started in Bubble" crash course — so we're going to do a live sesh in the next couple weeks. Comment below if you'd like to be added to the invite!

Side note: I only learned Bubble 3 years ago after years of trying/failing to learn to code. It's been super empowering as a classic "non-technical" person. Meanwhile, Matt (who's a traditional software engineer) has also become a convert, mostly because you can build so much faster. We've also had luck selling Bubble projects to clients, since part of the pitch is "we'll teach you how to make minor tweaks on your own."