New member intro + Available for fractional software development and DevOps!

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Hello everyone! I came across this community thanks to this article by Meg Scheding, which one of my former colleagues shared on LinkedIn.

The more I learn about fractional self-employment the more enthusiastic I am about it. It seems like a wonderful middle ground compared to the full-time / hourly dichotomy. As I start this journey, I'm glad to have found a community I can learn from and engage with to take some guesswork out of the process. Hopefully I'm able to help a few of you here out as well!


This week I finalized and launched my Fractional Developer Plan, as a complement to the Project-based pricing model I've been using exclusively for the last 8-9 months. I created a blog post on my website breaking down how it works, and shared that on LinkedIn. I also shared it via email with my past and current clients.

My website includes information about my services, pricing, and some highlights of my past project work. As a brief summary, I specialize in front-end React development and back-end Python programming, though I am capable of learning new tech stacks very quickly. I also have experience using DevOps tools such as CircleCI, Ansible, and Terraform, and managing services inside AWS, Google Cloud, and Akamai Cloud (formerly Linode). In past full-time roles, I've successfully led a team of 5+ developers located across four countries and three time zones, and acted as "Incident Response Captain" managing the on-call infrastructure and scheduling for multiple products.

I'm currently accepting new clients on a fractional basis (and also for fixed-fee projects, though I'm not sure if I'm allowed to promote that here?). If you're looking to embed an experienced full-stack developer with DevOps and technical leadership capabilities on your team, please reach out!

If you're a fellow fractional professional, I'd love to get your feedback on my marketing materials and fractional plan details. I'm happy to reciprocate however I can best be helpful to you!