I am trying out Data Annotation

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I am giving "DataAnnotation" a try. 

It is a site where you get paid to help train coding AIs. There are also no-code tasks but they pay less.

It pays $40 USD an hour for coding. This may be on the low side for many here, but there may be some especially digitial nomads in low COL who might find this attractive as part of a fractional portfolio, especially as it is sort of "dip in when you want" work with no human interaction. 

I had done a coding exercise and it is quite fun, better than I expect. But it is not easy where it is a no brainer, but it is not the hardest (not like a leetcode hard) and you are not rushed.

They also had lower paids ones where you try to match faces, which could be good I guess if you are really bored and want to replace doomscrolling with earning a few dollars.

I have some earnings but they need to approve it, so let's see how that goes, and how the payment into Paypal goes. Once I see that I will believe in it a bit more!

Another thing to mention is there is a 1 hour test to get approved. This test is clearly not spec work (free work that should be paid in order to access more work), but a genuine test. They have not asked me for money, nor have I sent any in any stage of this, which are good lack of a red flag.

If I had a referal link where I get paid, I'd probably give you that :-), but it doesn't exist.

The site is dataannotation.tech