Doing + Sharing Research On Fractional Work

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Hey all,

I've been a fractional CTO for the past 5 years and have recently found myself taking a step back to study the actual market and phenomenon of fractional talent (as well as freelancing, consulting, contracting, and boutique agencies). (May or may not end up writing a book about it 😂)

I'm exploring these topics:
  • The specific scenarios where companies choose to hire fractionals
  • What strategies are effective for finding work
  • What top performers are doing differently from those who struggle
  • How the engagements are structured and how long they last
  • How being a fractional affects your career growth and opportunities
  • Career satisfaction + growth of fractionals after a few years

I'm interviewing hundreds fractionals as part of my research to get a super clear view on the market and understand the good and the bad.

If anyone here is interested in talking, here's my calendar if you want to grab a time:

For anyone that wants to chat, I'm also happy to share what I'm finding so far and give whatever feedback or tips I can on how to position yourself as a fractional.